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Flexible Packaging

Piston Pumps 

Meridian Merchandising


Automated Packaging Machine


Shannon Packaging custom fabricates the best pouches, rollstock and tubing products in the industry.  We convert a variety of laminated barrier materials into flexible packaging solutions, giving you superior barrier protection and marketing presentation.    

We also offer these custom services to volume buyers.  We have up to 20 years experience.

Packaging machines for edibles

Pouches and Rollstock

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Dispensing machines for marijuana oils


  • Injection molding
  • Blow molding
  • Plastic Extrusions
  • Plastic Machining
  • Corrugate Boxes
  • Paper Boxes 


  • Stand-up Pouch
  • Flat Pouch
  • Sheet/Rollstock
  • Tamper Evident
  • Recloseable Zipper
  • Tubing
  • Static Shielding Bags
  • Hand-Made Bags
  • Marketing/Branding 

RFB-770  Table Top continuous Bag Sealer

$550.00 FOB

We are bringing automation to the cannabis industry.  If it's buds, edibles, liquid, powder, solids, we can package it.  Please contact me and we can discuss our capabilities. 
This custom cannabis packaging machine will package a bag/bottle of cannabis buds every 2 seconds with an accuracy of .05g.  Engineered to meet your specific requirements

Functions as both a vertical and horizontal bag sealer

40ft/ minute conveyor speed

Multiple speed and temperature settings

Simple to operate and maintain

Voltage: 110v, 60anp

Sealing width: 10mm or 3/8"

Temperature control range: 0-573 degree F

External Dimension: 33"L x 15"W x 18"H

Net Weight: 82Lbs.

Bottling Line

  • Adjustable Loading Platform
  • Speed Encoding Between Label Head and Conveyor
  • Most Accepted Label Application System: Avery Dennison ALS Series​
  • Digital Interface for Label Set-Up and Profile Programming
  • High Friction Conveyor Belting with Pressure Roller
  • ​Adjustable Scales
  • Easy Clamp Reel Holder
  • Easy Release Scrap Rewind
  • Adjustable Dispence Edge (Optional)
  • Printer Integration with Seed to Sale (Optional)

Questions for quote

  • 0.005 Gram Internal Resolution,  0.01 Gram Displayed
  • Windows Touch Screen with 256 Memory Locations
  • 10 Lane cross section combination weighment
  • Automatic Bud Size Sorting
  • Collection of buds too large for set weighment
  • Plunger to positively deposit into container
  • Stainless Steel Contact Surfaces
  • High Resolution Load Cell with Oscillation Dampers
  • Engineered to meet your specific requirements
  • 24 hour service turn around
  • Real Time Recording and Reporting to Biotrack, Microsoft Access and other Seed to Sale Programs


APEL40PL Pouch

Print and Apply Bottle Labeler

  • Custom Conveyor Length
  • ALX924/5/6 Print Applicator 300dpi Near Edge Print Head
  • Laser Like Print Quality
  • Easy Plug to Control from Remote Location
  • Optional Label Print Integration with Seed to Sale Software
  • 18" to 24" long wrap Belt with Backup Plate
  • Up to 8" per Second Print Speed
  • Crank Adjustment for horizontal and vertical axis
  • Engineered to meet your specific requirements
  • Line Integration
  • Optional ALS204 Top Label Aplicator

Flow Wrapper

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Syringe filler

Chris Helm    Meridian Merchandising  1702 Scammell Ave. NW Olympia, Wa. 98502    360-402-8696

​​​This XYZ table is a unique and innovative approach to controlled, heated fills.  The compact design incorporates a 3-axis platform that can precisely accommodate cartridges, vials and ampules of all different geometries.  The table is a totally enclosed module with built-in heaters to provide a universally controlled temperature setting.  The entire fluid circuit(reservoir, pump, tubing & nozzles) are fixtured within the enclosure.  This completely eliminates cumbersome heated tubing lines, thermocouples or multiple heater elements.  It also eliminates “Hot Spots” within the system that can damage or alter the chemistry of some fluids.  Issues such as “Overshoot” of the temperature controls is also eliminated.  The entire module is up to temperature in about 10 minutes making this a highly efficient and productive approach to your manufacturing schedule. 

The pump system utilizes a “Positive Displacement” module for the highest accuracy and repeatability in the market.  The wetted components are made of ceramic.  This FDA compliant material is highly resistant to wear, is chemically inert and produces no particulates that could contaminate your solutions.  The pumps will run 100’s of millions of cycles without requiring replacement.  The fill volumes can be as low as a few microliters up to multiple milliliters quite quickly.  This system is truly the best approach for a high quality, cost effective method of fill manufacturing.

Print and Apply Pouch Labeler